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    Facets to Evaluate When Selecting a Mentor

    Having an experienced mentor mentoring you in a given area of expertise is an excellent thing you can do to yourself when you are about to explore a new area of expertise. A mentor should be a person that has been in the field you want to enter for a long time that has acquired a verifiable track record of success in the same field. The process of selecting a mentor needs to be done with so much scrutiny. This write-up sheds light on what to look for in a mentor when you want to work with one.

    The first factor to consider when choosing a mentor is the reputation of the mentor. It is always advisable that when you want to use the services of a mentor, you ensure that the mentor you choose is a mentor that has a good reputation. If it happens that you pick a mentor that has a good eminence then you can be sure that you will build your personal identity around equally positive traits that are acceptable wildly. In an attempt to make sure that the choice you make of a mentor is a mind that has a good eminence choose a mentor that you have been referred to my former clients or alternatively use reviews and testimonials to get to know Matt has to do with the reputation of the mentor.

    The personality of a mentor should be that second thing that you give careful scrutiny to when you want to enlist the services of a mentor. The personality of a mentor will play a big role when it comes to the benefits you get from the services of a mentor. It is advisable that you ensure that you choose a mentor whose personality compliments your personality in such a way that you can relate on the same wavelength and reap the maximum benefits from the mentor. To make sure that you relate in terms of lifestyle make sure that if you’re an extrovert, the mentor that you choose is also an extrovert.

    The values that a mentor subscribes to should be the third factor that you scrutinize when you want to work with a mentor. The values that you hold and the values that a potential mentor hold should be aligned to maximize the benefits of the relationship you have with the mentor you have chosen. To construct your personality with the assistance of a person with high moral standards as well as values that are superior ensure that you make a selection of a mentor with superior values.

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    3 Lessons Learned:

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