• How Apollo 11′s 1.024MHz guidance computer did a lot with very little

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    October 28, 2020 /  Computer Technology, Hardware, Software


    early 44 years ago computer hardware was in an entirely different place than it is now. The levels of performance don’t even fit on the same scale. The anniversary of the Apollo 11moon landing is upon us, and those brave space pioneers got by without a 3GHz multi-core CPU. The guidance computer used on the Apollo 11 mission ran at only 1.024 MHz.

    The moon landing was the height of technological achievement at the time, and some of the rocket technology is still relevant today. That computer, though, has been left in the dust. In fact, it was well and truly obsolete a few years after the landing.

    The Intel 8086 came about roughly ten years after the Apollo landing, marking the beginning of x86. Apollo 11’s computer had 4 registers — essentially slots for holding numeric values. The 8086 boosted that to eight 16-bit registers.

    The IBM PC XT ran the next version of that chip, the famous 8088. This computer ran at 4.077MHz, which sounds incredibly slow by today’s standards, but is still four times faster than the Apollo 11computer. The XT also packed in eight times the memory used on Apollo 11.

    The Apollo 11 guidance computer actually had some impressive software features for a system that didn’t even run a graphical interface. It could multitask up to 8 different operations, but it didn’t work the way we think of multitasking. Today’s operations use preemptive multitasking that allows the OS to distribute computing resources as needed. On Apollo 11, programs were in charge and had to give control back to the OS periodically. A kind of virtual machine was used to allow developers to mix hardware-level instructions with virtual machine commands within the same assembler code.

    Inputting commands required translating the English words into “verb noun pairs,” which could be input as numbers. There was a handy sign in the cabin as a reminder. To top it all off, none of the computer’s systems were software upgradeable. All the code was stored in read-only memory. Several years after Apollo 11, Apollo 14 was forced to manually input the code to patch a system malfunction — it took 90 minutes just to type it in.

    Maybe your computer is a little sluggish, and your smartphone is a couple years old, but you have it better than those astronauts

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  • SanDisk microSDHC and microSDXC Fastest Presents for 4G Smartphones

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    October 27, 2020 /  Computer Technology, Hardware

    JAKARTA, WEDNESDAY – For owners of smartphones, tablets and digital cameras, microSD memory card with a large and fast-performing highly preferred. Especially if its a lot of HD video recording.

    SanDisk listen to the demands and released what it claims is a world’s fastest memory card. Extreme SanDisk microSDHC and microSDXC UHS-I mentioned it is able to transfer up to 80Mbps and 50Mbps write on, or allow shooting shot-to-shot and faster continuous burst mode. This card, SanDisk said, is designed to support HD video and imaging in the future 4G smartphone. tablets and digital cameras.

    The presence of this new card, SanDisk said, triggered by two things. The first is the smartphone. Because expected in the next year or the next, there will be about a billion new smartphones sold., And the average capacity of 6GB up in 2010 to 24GB in 2015. The smartphone users will begin using video and camera features are embedded in a smartphone. And 4G smartphones need faster memory.

    The second driving force is the growing number of tablets being used as a personal device. And embedded memory in tablets will clearly be inadequate if the tablet is widely used for digital imaging activities.

    Extreme Sandisk microSDHC memory cards and microSDXC available in capacities of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. Price, depending on the capacity, range from U.S. $ 60 to U.S. $ 200.

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  • This series Notebook & Desktop Latest AIO Lenovo

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    October 26, 2020 /  Computer Technology, Hardware

    JAKARTA – Lenovo increasingly aggressive in the market by launching a series of notebook PCs and desktop All-in-One (AIO) Touch. Vendors from the Bamboo Curtain country to bring a notebook and the latest Touch AIO desktop to the consumer segment.

    This new product line comes with a series of innovations to consumers in an era that claimed Lenovo PC as PC + era.

    “Today is the era of PC +, no longer his time PC old. Therefore we must provide innovation in the PC industry by encouraging innovation,” said Country General Manager Lenovo Indonesia Rajesh Thadani, in the launch line of notebook and desktop AIO Touch at The Foundry, Jakarta , Tuesday (02/07/2013).

    “This year we are facing challenges in the PC industry. Market PCs now it is decreasing, but we in the PC business is still going well. For the consumer segment, we are the number one PC vendor in the world,” said Rajesh.

    This new product line, said Rajesh, a part of Lenovo innovations in the PC + era. The latest line of notebooks Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga is 11s, Touch IdeaPad Z400 and IdeaPad S210 Touch. As for the desktop IdeaCentre A520 AIO is Touch, Touch IdeaCentre B540, C540 and C440 Ideacentre Touch. All new products are equipped with third-generation Intel Core processor and Windows 8 operating systems.

    The specifications of the latest product series include 11s IdeaPad Yoga has a 11.6-inch IPS HD screen that supports 10-point multi-touch with a side order size of 0.67 inches. Ultrabook comes in a choice of colors Silver Grey and Clementine Orange.

    11s is the successor to the IdeaPad Yoga Yoga series past and is still the same as its predecessor, the convertible notebook has four modes that can be converted into a laptop, tablet, stand and tent.

    IdeaPad Z400 comes with Touch screen 14-inch HD LED Backlit Display (1366 x 768) that supports 10-point multi-touch. Moreover, it also comes with extra bass and Dolby Home Theatre v4 to produce a better sound. For type carrying the IdeaPad S210 Touch HD 11.6-inch screen with Dolby Advanced Audio v2 seritifikasi, and comes with a Companion applications such as Lenovo, the Lenovo, and Lenovo Cloud.

    While the IdeaCentre A520 Touch has a full HD 23-inch display with 10-point multi touch, Intel HD Graphics 4000, 4GB of DDR memory, and has additional features like Dolby Home Theater v4. IdeaCentre B540 comes with a 23-inch full HD screen that supports multi-touch 3D display and NVIDIA GeForce graphics.

    While IdeaCentre C540 Touch has a 23 inch screen, and supports up to NVIDIA GeForce 615 graphics 2GB. While the C440 AIO Touch has the same features and functionality with Touch C540, but with a smaller screen that is 21.5 inches.

    IdeaPad Yoga 11s, IdeaPad Z400 Touch, Touch S210 IdeaPad, IdeaCentre A520, IdeaCentre B540 Touch, Touch IdeaCentre C540 and IdeaCentre C440, has been available in the market at each price Rp10, 4 million, Rp 7, 4 million, Rp 4, 7 million , Rp12, 9 million, Rp13, 4 million, Rp 9, 9 million, and Rp 8, 4 million.

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  • Easy Solutions Helps Fight Mobile Banking Fraud with Detect Safe Browsing (DSB) 4.0, Now Available for iPhone and Android

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    Easy Solutions, the Total Fraud Protection® company, today released Detect Safe Browsing (DSB) version 4.0. With DSB 4.0, financial institution can provide an important additional layer of fraud prevention to the end-user, to better protect against malware and other sophisticated threats such as, pharming, man-in-the-middle (MITM) and man-in-the browser (MITB) attacks. With DSB 4.0, Easy Solutions now extends this support to the two most popular mobile platforms: Android and iOS, ensuring that over 90%1 of mobile users can securely access their mobile banking accounts.

    The APWG recently reported over 1.3 million confirmed-malicious files for Android alone2, making mobile malware one of the fastest growing classes of threats.

    “Mobile banking has become the preferred method for many consumers to conduct their online banking. Unfortunately for financial institutions, some of the most insidious and difficult-to-detect malware is now being targeted at the mobile end-point,” said Daniel Ingevaldson, CTO of Easy Solutions. “With Detect Safe Browsing now available for iPhone and Android devices, financial institutions will be able to provide their customers with a simple and unobtrusive way to secure their mobile banking experience.”

    DSB is a critical component of Easy Solutions’ Total Fraud Protection platform, which provides comprehensive fraud protection across all channels, and extended to the end-user. By combining cross-channel risk-scoring, transaction anomaly detection, multi-factor authentication, secure browsing, and detection and take-down services, Easy Solutions blocks criminals at all three phases of the fraud lifecycle – planning, launching, and cashing – while ensuring that authorized users can conduct business.

    DSB 4.0 from Easy Solutions provides visibility and real-time intelligence of the threats impacting consumers. Based on a proprietary cross validation technology that prevents re-direction to fraudulent websites, DSB 4.0 includes some of the following capabilities:

    • Secure Mobile Browsing with the DSB App: The free DSB app, now available for both iOS and Android devices, gives customers a simple way to protect bank transactions performed on their mobile device or tablet
    • Accelerated Disinfection: DSB enables customers to quickly deploy on-demand cleanup procedures for malware related advanced persistent threats (APTs), enabling financial institutions to mitigate zero-day and targeted attacks.
    • Active Phishing Protection: DSB provides enhanced phishing protection based on Detect Monitoring Services’ (DMS) black list. Since DMS detects phishing attacks in early stages, DSB users are protected from the very latest phishing scams, minimizing their exposure to fraud.
    • Proactive, Real-time Malware Protection: DSB employs proprietary cross-validation technology that detects DNS poisoning and ensures that the end user can connect to the protected site. When an active redirection is detected, DSB stops the fraudulent connection.


    Easy Solutions delivers Total Fraud Protection® to over 100 clients, with over 32 million end users. The company’s products protect against phishing, pharming, malware, Man-in-the-Middle and Man-in-the-Browser attacks, and deliver multifactor authentication and transaction anomaly detection. For more information, visit http://www.easysol.net, or follow us on Twitter @goeasysol.

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  • The 5 Commandments of And How Learn More

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    October 23, 2020 /  Pets & Animals

    6 Reasons to Invest in Solar Panel Systems

    Identifying what to do once you receive high utility bills can be frustrating which is why several homeowners and business people are purchasing solar panels. As a homeowner, you know the importance of solar panels and you get a lot of advice and exposure when you hire a solar company. Every solar company will have different prices for their systems and you have to do a lot of research to know what is available in the industry.

    Different people around you can give your suggestions of local solar companies they have worked with in the past so you get to compare the systems they have purchased with the current ones. You spend a lot of time shopping for solar panels and it will be easy to know what to purchase when you get an estimate from different solar companies. The solar company will have professionals to influence the consultations and smoothly for you to learn about the solar panels and how it will help you save money.

    Reviews are important when purchasing the solar panels and you have to look at multiple review platforms to know what they’re saying about local companies. Transparency during the transactions is needed and the company should offer a variety of services such as installation and maintenance so your solar system will last a long time. The customer should feel confident when purchasing the solar systems which is why excellent customer support from their service providers will be helpful.

    Homeowners have to be careful when purchasing the solar systems to ensure they are getting it from a reputable dealer that has been around for a long time. Choosing a company that has a variety of solar panels is needed so you know what is affordable depending on your current financial situation. The environmental impact of solar panels is highly positive which is why multiple home owners consider it because it is clean and renewable energy.

    The monthly savings you get to enjoy when you purchase a solar panel out numbers every other benefit especially since you don’t have to worry about electricity bills. Selecting a solar professional that can offer installation and maintenance services is needed since the solar panel will perform for a long time plus you get to avoid costly repairs in the future. The solar power has been quite effective especially when it comes to conserving green energy compared to power plants which are used to source electricity.

    Relying on electricity companies can be quite overwhelming especially since you experience shortages at any time which is not the case with solar panels. Installing the solar system’s can highly increase the value of your property since it is a hot commodity for several home buyers.

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  • Looking On The Bright Side of

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    How to Find a Good Bankruptcy Lawyer For Your Personal Needs
    A personal bankruptcy attorney safeguards your organization from economic lenders while you are going through a Chapter 13 insolvency. Consumer insolvency attorneys protect you in addition to your partner by working out with lending institutions, dealing with financial debts, and establishing payment plans. This is especially vital for you to think about if your credit record shows that your organizations financial resources are not healthy. Bankruptcy legal representative services use economic advice on how to save a stopping working organization or person. It is important that you select a professional personal bankruptcy lawyer that has the essential understanding and also abilities to appropriately represent your case and negotiate your civil liberties. You will require to discuss your unique economic conditions with a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney who can offer you with useful legal advice as it connects to your certain scenario. You should initially develop that an insolvency lawyer would certainly be the best individual to represent you. The process of choosing a bankruptcy lawyer might seem challenging, but it can be simplified if you consider some standard concerns before hiring an attorney. The number of years have the legal representative worked with similar situations? What types of situations does the bankruptcy attorney practice, such as personal insolvency, business insolvency, etc.? You ought to likewise ask about the personal bankruptcy lawyer’s experience. While it may seem noticeable that a lawyer with a lengthy record of representing customers will certainly be a knowledgeable insolvency attorney, you ought to be especially concerned about choosing an experienced bankruptcy lawyer that has only lately begun standing for customers in court. In numerous circumstances, an insolvency attorney that is brand-new to this sort of job might not have actually gotten enough experience to effectively represent the needs of your particular instance. The next step is to call a minimum of three personal bankruptcy attorneys to go over the numerous options open up to you. It is not uncommon to obtain two or three references for a personal bankruptcy lawyer. The more recommendations you receive the much easier it is to examine the lawyers for your needs and to discover the right lawyer for your instance. After you receive numerous references you can after that begin your search for a personal bankruptcy attorney. You will find that there are a number of reputable firms out there that supply a free preliminary examination to assist you decide which bankruptcy attorney would best fit your requirements. If you select to go ahead with the preliminary appointment, you need to expect to give the personal bankruptcy lawyer a breakdown of your inquiries as well as to request a first examination of your situation. This preliminary assessment will allow the attorney to identify whether the personal bankruptcy attorney is the ideal suitable for your details needs. The final step of your evaluation process ought to entail asking the lawyer for references as well as recommendations. There are many people you can get in touch with to give you with their point of views on bankruptcy attorneys. If you do not obtain the results you were hoping for you can always work with one more attorney to assess your instance.

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    Rental Homes
    Single family rental houses represent over half of all United States rentals – around 16 million currently – with an added 13 million freshly constructed rentals expected ahead on line by mid-2030. Due To The Fact That the USA housing market is not meeting this predicted future need, the rental market ought to delight in an important tailwind given the favorable supply/demand characteristics in the rental sector. Rental homes are wonderful places to live – particularly for very first time customers that are not prepared to buy yet. Rental residences enable you to experience the advantages of own a home without the financial dedication and migraines of purchasing a house. Rental houses provide lots of amenities that are not readily available at conventional houses, consisting of access to leisure facilities, schools, buying, healthcare facilities, and also dining establishments. Rental homes also provide an easy commute to work as well as college. Lots of occupants are attracted to the convenience of living in their home as opposed to renting an apartment or hotel. As a property manager, it is very important to take advantage of rental residences as the excellent rental building investment. By supplying exceptional rental units, you can get from rental residence costs that balance out the greater expense of real estate, permitting you to recoup your investment quickly and also efficiently. Rental houses usually provide a stable stream of income to capitalists and also landlords due to the fact that they are a lot less likely to experience a foreclosure process than typical solitary family homes. The demand for rental houses as well as houses is constantly high sufficient to maintain rental rates competitive with new residence construction. Rental residences offer the benefit of having the ability to customize your rentals to fit your particular demands. The ability to develop your rental to fulfill your specific demands as well as budget permits you to live your life the means you want to live. For investors as well as property owners, rental residences supply the possibility to get a secure resource of passive revenue while living the life you have actually constantly dreamed of living. When purchasing rentals, consider your needs as well as way of life. If you are a young specialist looking to live independently and keep control of your life, staying in a rental house supplies the freedom and flexibility to make changes to your online on altering conditions. Renting homes permits you to select from rentals that offer lots of facilities. Some single family members rental homes even include laundry facilities, hot tubs, pools, as well as various other recreational areas. A lot of rental units provide an open floor plan, which is a high-end for many tenants. Many rent homes come geared up with appliances, which are needed for many common living circumstances. Rental units use several ways to increase the value of your property and also protect the condition of the rental building. By using a suitable marketing strategy, you can attract new renters and also maintain existing renters.

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  • If You Think You Understand , Then Read This

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    Benefits Of Appointing Air Conditioning Experts

    The AC is recommended at all times because of how effective it tends to be in cleaning the air. When you have AC, it is guaranteed that you will be using clean air because all the dust is cleaned off. If there is no dust in the air that you use, it means that you eliminate any chances of allergies for occurring. The other reason why the AC is recommended is because it helps in regulating the temperatures. When it is too hot, you can always use the AC to cool the air and vice versa. Always make sure that you get the experts any time that you are in need of the air conditioning services.

    Professionals offer several services and with this you get a reason to appoint them. You should understand that you can always get the AC professionals when you are in need of the AC installation services. You get to also hire the same experts when you require AC repair services. Another time when you can appoint these same experts is when you require AC maintenance services. You manage to have access of all the AC services from one company every time that you make sure to get the best.

    Appoint the well rated AC company for you to access the quality services. The skills that these AC experts have is what facilitate them to be delivering the best services. They have done through the necessary training for them to deliver the best services. Employing these professionals is wise because when appointed to handle installations they do a perfect job. You will always be accessing what is good every time that you get these experts. The AC experts not only give the best services but they also offer durable services. Every time that you have decided to get these experts, there is no complaint you will get.

    The AC professionals offer the services but they also educate you on how to appropriately use your AC. So many times, the AC is damaged when people make use of it wrongly. You will get information on how the AC should be used when you get the experts. You will be able to get the best results when you make sure to use the AC as guided.

    When you appoint the AC professionals, they take up the role of guiding you into getting the best AC. Professionals know the features that require to be looked into and they also know what makes the different AC brands different. Once you have appointed the best AC experts, you result to being able to access services that you can depend on. There is no time that the experts fail to provide the services because of the dedication they have in serving their clients.

    What Research About Can Teach You

    A 10-Point Plan for (Without Being Overwhelmed)

  • What Research About Can Teach You

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    October 23, 2020 /  Home Products & Services

    Ultimate Tips for Selecting the Privilege Rehab Center

    Among the numerous choice an individual can make on the off chance that the person in question is a drug and alcohol fiend is finding the privilege rehab office to assist you with combatting your addiction. Choosing the privilege rehab center is certainly not a straightforward task. This is on the grounds that there exist a high number of rehab centers out there and every one of them professes to be the best for you.

    To assist you with finding the privilege rehab center, it is important for you to start by choosing what your needs and objectives are. Generally, there are different claims to fame accessible in each rehab. It is exceptionally basic to choose an office that will help you in coming to your rehab objectives. Nonetheless, it is basic to know your objectives before you do that.

    To assist you with deciding your objectives, consider to choose which substances and additionally practices you have to recoup from. To assist you with agreeing to an ideal rehab center for both drug and alcohol fixation, here are some more viewpoints you have to contemplate. For the purpose of perusing more about picking an ideal drug and alcohol rehab center, for example, House Recuperation, particularly when you are finding the correct rehabilitation centers in utah, clicking at various locales that have been composed by various writers is the privilege choice.

    When searching for the best rehab center, it is fitting to give an idea to the specialties. Among the strengths that you are probably going to discover in each treatment center incorporate the patient with double conclusion just as alcoholism. Even however they may have their strengths, a portion of the offices have more accomplishment in treating a few addictions which may not be the situation with the others. You are in this manner encouraged to guarantee that you go for a rehab that a perfect history of treating tolerant that have needs that are explicitly similar to yours even as they additionally specializes.

    You are expected to consider the medicines just as treatments during your quest for the best rehab center. The alternatives that are accessible for the treatment of drug dependence are accessible on various treatment models. With this everybody gets an opportunity of discovering treatment that works best for them. In expansion it implies that it is conceivable to go for a rehab where treatments are not the best. If you have not been under treatment previously; you are informed to investigate for different sorts concerning therapies.

    You need to pay special mind to conveniences also while picking a rehab center for you. The significant differentiators between the drug and alcohol centers is primarily the luxuries available. You may need to search for office with anything you need since they are many.

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    Finding The Best Supply Chain Solutions Provider

    The many logistics companies often make it difficult hard for business people who need logistics services to choose a suitable supply chain solutions provider. The following tips are quite helpful for choosing the right supply chain solutions provider.

    The supply chain solutions provider that you work with must have sufficient credentials and logistics licensing. Look for a logistics company that has sufficient training to provide the best logistics services. Besides confirming that the logistics company is duly qualified, it is also essential for people to check that concerned authorities have duly licensed the logistics company. A duly licensed supply chain solutions provider does not hesitate to let clients see their papers but a less qualified logistics company does not readily comply when asked to show their papers.

    Consider the logistics experience of the supply chain solutions provider. Go through the website of the logistics company to know more about their services and the number of years in the logistics industry. To get answers to your queries regarding the supply chain solutions provider, call them and learn from them about their logistics company experience and if they are suitable to fully serve your unique needs. Work with a supply chain solutions provider with more experience providing logistics services as this indicates they provide satisfactory services to clients.

    The supply chain solutions provider needs to have the relevant mechanisms to protect their clients from unfavorable terms as they seek financing for their goods. Keep in mind that while logistics happens there is always a chance of getting a raw deal and reputable logistics companies have ways of informing and protecting their clients about whatever they are getting themselves into.

    Find out about the logistics company reputation of the logistics company. Carefully read the previous reviews, and feedback from the logistics company’s clients so that you can know if their logistics services meet your unique business needs. The official site of the supply chain solutions provider and objective platforms are where clients access and read previous client’s testimonials. For the best supply chain solutions, look out for a logistics company that has fewer customer complaints and a higher number of happy clients as shown by the number of positive reviews because this means their logistics services are up to required standards.

    The other crucial tip to check out for is the cost of the supply chain solutions. Request the supply chain solutions provider for price estimates and which many of them give them after assessing the logistics services you need and the kind of financing you need. Compare the logistics company quotes and engage an affordable logistics company without compromising on their experience as this may be a lot costly later.

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