• How Smart Dust Could Be Used To Monitor Human Thought

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    January 31, 2021 /  Computer Technology, Hardware

    A few years ago a team of researchers from Brown University made headlines after they successfully demonstrated how a paralyzed woman who had lost the use of her arms and legs could control a robotic arm using her brainwaves. In a video, Cathy Hutchinson imagines drinking a cup of coffee, and the robotic arm brings the cup to her lips.

    The scene is amazing, but also a little disturbing. Hutchinson is connected to the robotic arm through a rod-like “pedestal” driven into her skull. At one end of the pedestal, a bundle of gold wires is attached to a tiny array of microelectrodes that is implanted in the primary motor cortex of Hutchison’s brain. This sensor, which is about the size of a baby aspirin, records her neural activity. At the other end of the pedestal is an external cable that transmits neural data to a nearby computer, which translates the signals into code that guides the robotic arm.

    This method, known as BrainGate, pretty much defined state-of-the-art brain-computer interfaces at the end of the last decade. If the idea of a rod-through-the-head computer interface makes you cringe, you are not alone.

    For some time, a small team of researchers at UC Berkeley has been working on plans for a less invasive, wireless monitoring system. Earlier this month, they released a draft paper: “Neural Dust: An Ultrasonic, Low Power Solution for Chronic Brain-Machine Interfaces.”

    Dongjin Seo, a graduate student in UC Berkeley’s electrical engineering and computer science department, authored the paper under the supervision of senior faculty members, including Michel Maharbiz who has famously created cyborg beetles for the US Defense Department.

    Seo said the researchers’ goal is to build an implantable system that is ultra-miniature, extremely compliant, and scalable to be viable for a lifetime, for brain-machine interfaces. “With neural dust, due to its extreme scalability, this framework can be applied for Obama’s BRAIN initiative, which necessitates large-scale, parallel, and real-time monitoring of neurons,” Seo explained.

    The Berkeley researchers propose to sprinkle the brain with tiny, dust-sized, wireless sensors. This would reduce the risk of infection from wiring up scores of sensors placed throughout the brain and limit the trauma to one initial operation. During that operation, the skull would be opened, and sensors would be inserted into the brain. At the same time a separate transceiver would be placed directly under the skull but above the brain. The transceiver would communicate with the sensors via ultrasound.

    Another battery-powered transceiver outside the skull would receive data transmissions from the chip inside the skull and supply wireless power to it.  As the paper notes, this type of power transfer is already used in a variety of medical applications, including cochlear implants. Seo said the amount of power being proposed is within FDA and IEEE guidelines.

    The idea of neural dust immediately sparked the imagination of futurists after the paper was published on arXiv.org on July 8. “The brilliance of this system is that it could potentially allow scientists to see what’s going on with thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of neurons inside the brain at once,” wrote Ramez Naam, a senior associate at the Foresight Institute and author of “More Than Human: Embracing the promise of biological enhancement.”

    But would neural dust have practical use for the growing industry of mind-controlled computer games and brain training apps? Jon Cowan, founder ofNeuroTek, is dubious. NeuroTek’s Peak Achievement Training has been used at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, as well as at other Olympic centers from China to Norway.

    “[Neural dust] doesn’t have much practical promise because of the surgery it would require,” Cowan said. “I don’t think they’ll find too many people that would volunteer for it.” Cowan noted existing ways for measuring brainwaves that rely on external sensors may be crude, but they’re effective enough for today’s applications.

    “We really believe this is a practical system and, more importantly, we think this is potentially a powerful framework for achieving what Obama has announced,” Seo said. Still, he pointed out that the paper is a draft. “It’s a concept paper,” he said. “It’s a theoretical study of what we think is possible in the realm of neural recording.”

    By publishing the paper on arXiv.org, an online collection of preprints of scientific work, the team is hoping to spur involvement and feedback from scientists in different fields. Lots of challenges remain to be overcome before neural dust will be ready for live testing.

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  • Google Open Streaming TV Service

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    California: Google is rumored to be opening for Google TV streaming service. The tech giant is said to be developing a streaming service similar to cable TV services, such as Hulu or Netflix.
    Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday, July 16, 2013, according to sources who declined to be named. The source revealed that Google has approached several media companies to discuss licensing and television program content. Google wants to provide more services to Google TV via channels such as television package, but by using a broadband connection.
    Google TV audience of streaming content will not require registration and subscription requirements as well as cable television service. Google TV so users will not be charged monthly. Google TV is not much different from the Apple TV. But the Apple TV first implement streaming TV service.
    Google seems to need to fight hard to make it happen because just like the Apple TV earlier, the problem of security issues and also the reluctance of media companies to cooperate with Web TV newcomers a big challenge.

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  • Why designed a front-end programming language from scratch

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    January 28, 2021 /  Computer Technology, Programming

    Today’s programming languages have traditionally been created by the tech giants. These languages are made up of millions of lines of code, so the tech giants only invest in incremental, non-breaking changes that address their business concerns. This is why innovation in popular languages like C, Java, and JavaScript is depressingly slow.

    Open-source languages like Python and Ruby gained widespread industrial use by solving backend problems at startup scale. Without the constraints of legacy code and committee politics, language designers are free to explore meaningful language innovation. And with compile-to-VM languages, it has become cheap enough for individuals and startups to create the future of programming languages themselves.

    Open-source language innovation has not yet disrupted front-end programming. We still use the same object-oriented model that took over the industry in the 1980s. The tech giants are heavily committed to this approach, but open-source has made it possible to pursue drastically different methods.

    Two years ago, I began to rethink front-end programming from scratch. I quickly found myself refining a then-obscure academic idea called Functional Reactive Programming. This developed into Elm, a language that compiles to JavaScript and makes it much easier to create highly interactive programs.

    Since the advent of Elm, a lively and friendly community has sprung up, made up of everyone from professional developers to academics to beginners who have never tried functional programming before. This diversity of voices and experiences has been a huge help in guiding Elm towards viability as a production-ready language.

    The community has already created a bunch of high quality contributions that are shaping the future of Elm and are aiming to shape the future of front-end programming.

    Dev tools

    Early on, I made it a priority to let people write, compile, and use Elm programs directly from their browser. No install, no downloads. This interactive editor made it easy for beginners and experts alike to learn Elm and start using it immediately.

    In-browser compilation triggered lots of discussion, ideas, and ultimately contributions. Mads Flensted-Urech added in-line documentation for all standard libraries. Put your cursor over a function, and you get the type, prose explanation, and link to the library it comes from. Laszlo Pandy took charge of debugging tools. He is focusing on visualizing the state of an Elm program as time passes, even going so far as pausing, rewinding, and replaying events.


    I designed Elm to work nicely with concurrency. Unfortunately, JavaScript’s concurrency support is quite poor with questionable prospects for improvement. I decided to save the apparent implementation quagmire for later, but John P. Mayer decided to make it happen. He now has a version of the runtime that can automatically multiplex tasks across many threads, all implemented in JavaScript.

    Common to all of these cases are driven individuals who knew they could do it better. This is how Elm got started and how it caught the attention of Prezi, a company also not content to accept JavaScript as the one and only answer for front-end development. I have since joined the company for the express purpose of furthering work on Elm.

    We do not need to sit and hope that the tech giants will someday do an okay job. We can create the future of front-end programming ourselves, and we can do it now.


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  • HP Series 600 G1 ProOne Simplify Daily Fulfillment

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    January 28, 2021 /  Computer Technology, Hardware

    JAKARTA – HP Series ProOne ProDesk 600 600 G1 and G1 show business for AiO devices and desktop PCs with the latest design and latest selection of 4th generation Intel Core processor at an affordable price.
    Each device allows the user to easily meet daily business needs with a choice of Windows 8, Windows 7, HP Device Support Assistant, HP Client Security applications and strong to protect the data, device and identity.
    Increased productivity with HP ePrint for quick and easy wireless printing, as well as DTS Sound for rich audio sound.
    ProOne HP AiO 600 G1 is the enterprise-class has a space-saving design with powerful PC performance and secure.
    HP ProDesk G1 600 series offers the most popular form factor with the availability of a stable cycle of up to 30 months and to meet everyday business needs with performance and reliability.
    Multitasking helped with the choice of storage solutions solid-state drive that makes files and applications together quickly.

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  • Getting To The Point –

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    January 27, 2021 /  Relationships

    Residence Refinancing Service – Why You Should Make Use Of an Online Refinancing Service Video Clip

    When you are seeking a residence refinancing solution you intend to obtain the very best bang for your buck. It holds true that you can obtain lower rates from various other lenders, but there is a great deal of competitors in between them and also they are often going to slash the interest rate to match or defeat the competition. This indicates that you truly require to look around. But just how do you understand where to start? Before you get going, it is necessary to know how much you can afford to pay on your home mortgage repayments. Your primary step must most likely be to seek out your credit rating and also find out specifically what your FICO score is. When you understand this you can begin searching for various rate of interest as well as lending deals. The lower your credit history, the much less cash you can borrow, and also the lower your rate of interest will be. According to the government’s most recent statistics on residence refinancing there have actually been many modifications to the home mortgage market. Among the biggest adjustments is that numerous lending institutions are currently requiring debtors to take out either a bank loan or a residence equity car loan in order to purchase a house. The new guidelines are indicated to stop house owners from taking out more cash than they can afford. However, many consumers are finding that they can conveniently fulfill these new stricter guidelines and are still able to obtain the mortgage they require. A 2nd adjustment to the refinancing market has actually come about because of the current economic environment. Numerous property owners have been supporting on their student lendings and also currently have to manage a higher rates of interest on those financings. The good news is that the Federal government is really extending excellent lending program advantages to assist trainee lending debtors with this problem. If you can obtain a reduced interest rate on your student financings that will certainly be useful in bringing down your general refinancing costs. The 3rd major modification in the refinancing market concerns private home loan insurance. This as well might be a neglected benefit for many homeowners. Personal mortgage insurance policy rates are currently connected very closely to the prime price and also have been for quite time. If you can re-finance to a much better price home mortgage without any PMI then you will definitely save money over the life of the finance. As pointed out previously, there are numerous manner ins which you can receive a reduced rate mortgage without having to obtain exclusive mortgage insurance coverage. These 3 factors to think about an on the internet refinancing solution video clip are very legitimate. House owners may not realize how much money they could be conserving by getting a better rates of interest or maybe they might assume that they don’t require to get any type of brand-new credit scores in order to decrease their monthly settlement prices. Nevertheless, if you check out the general image you will certainly locate that there are numerous advantages that really make sense. Did you recognize that removing as much as $50k in rate of interest can happen by refinancing your present home loan on your residence? This is certainly something worth considering and also if you want to discover even more you can check out the sources listed below. All the best and also happy refinancing!

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  • Learning The “Secrets” of

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    January 27, 2021 /  Technology

    Tips to Consider When Selecting an Intensive Therapy Retreat Center

    The issues we face in our daily lives may make us need the counselling services from an intensive therapy retreat center. Only the best intensive therapy retreat center will be the best for you to get help from. Therefore you need to check on the following in order to settle with the best intensive therapy center.
    Before selecting an intensive therapy retreat center it’s important to check on the certification. Clients should confirm that an intensive therapy retreat center has been certified in order to know that it’s qualified to carry out its operations. Intensive therapy retreat centers that are not certified are said to be not qualified and offers low quality counselling services. An intensive therapy retreat center that is certified appears to have competence in its operations. The board of registration cannot issue a license to an intensive therapy retreat center that is not competent.

    The other thing one should look keenly before choosing an intensive therapy retreat center is the experience. Choosing an intensive therapy retreat center that has at least experience of ten years guarantees you to receive high quality counselling services. For an intensive therapy retreat center to be experience it should be in existence in the market for a long time thus gaining experience. Choosing an intensive therapy retreat center that has been newly established in the market will disappoint you due to lack of experience.

    Consider the cost of counselling services before choosing an intensive therapy retreat center. Consult about the pricing in order to know whether you can afford the counselling services offered by that intensive therapy retreat center. Consult about the process followed when making payments. Inquire about how long the project will take to complete in order to determine whether the cost set is reasonable. One should do a comparison in order to come up with an intensive therapy retreat center that suits your pocket. Never choose an intensive therapy retreat center that is expensive but offer low quality counselling services that won’t meet clients expectation. Having done that you will be able to choose the right intensive therapy retreat center that will not exploit your resources.

    On time delivery of counselling services should be considered before hiring an intensive therapy retreat center. Check whether the intensive therapy retreat center you are choosing always delays counselling services or not. One should also not be in a position to negotiate with an intensive therapy retreat center about the delivery of counselling services. Counselling services must be delivered to clients on the agreed time and date. You are required to inquire about how the intensive therapy retreat center handle complains concerning service delivery.

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  • The 10 Best Resources For

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    January 27, 2021 /  Personal Product & Services

    Supplier of Polyester Ribbons Paid a Hefty Cost Because Of a New Anti-Dumping Regime

    Over the past years, China has actually increasingly looked to makers of polyester as well as various other materials that can be used for packaging, in addition to various other objectives. Several of these applications consist of packaging paper for beverages and drugs, food product packaging, as well as product packaging for computers and also other digital goods. These days, China is wanting to create its domestic market in a way that will certainly help it stay competitive in the international market. It has actually also developed its very own proprietary product packaging materials. Lately, China has authorized a contract with the European Union to establish a joint endeavor to create polyester and also various other fabrics especially for Europe’s modern digital tools sector. This move by China, along with the recent purchase of numerous little to mid-sized European firms that make and also provide these items to China, signals the beginning of what can be a considerable development into the global market for these items. While it is still early days, this development indicates a strong possibility for China in the production and also circulation of these items going forward. China produces as well as provides about twenty percent of the fiber utilized in the production of polyester ribbon. The USA is presently the biggest buyer of this item. In the last few years, China has actually ended up being a prominent choice among lots of companies that are wanting to enhance their residential manufacturing capabilities. Along with purchasing large amounts of fiber, these business have also shown a rate of interest in producing little to mid-size manufacturing facilities in the USA to develop more tasks for American employees. Consequently, if these trends continue, it is possible that the buying power of the USA as well as her allies will certainly erode considerably over time. Another location of growing problem for the USA and also her allies is the control of the anti-dumping investigations performed by Chinese business. As more concerns are elevated regarding the range of the examination, the Chinese government has actually increasingly responded with activities to respond to these uncertainties. On a more comprehensive range, the Chinese government has additionally specified publicly that it does rule out itself guilty of any type of misbehavior in relation to the imports of UNITED STATE made products into the nation. These statements further indicate that the Chinese ventures entailed are not performing any type of sort of political Public Relations. The USA was very closely involved in the solution of an anti-dumping examination method with China in early 2010. Back then, the USA Commerce Department expressed its worries concerning the activities of Chinese producers as well as exporters in relation to imports of specific sorts of goods right into the United States. These actions were based upon concerns that some Chinese ventures were inappropriately utilizing techniques in order to decrease their tax obligation. A considerable modification in the means this investigation was conducted took place in January of this year. The workplace of the General Providers Management, which is responsible for coordinating profession between the United States as well as China, altered the process whereby Chinese firms are verified to be free of discarding and also re-export standing from one Chinese prefecture-level city to an additional. The revised procedure calls for that the company must perform a self-check-in with an agent from the designated county or city at the very least as soon as every 3 years. In addition, if the business is not releasing the items to the marked nation, then the items need to be returned to the Chinese importer or merchant. With these changes, it has been discovered that many of the formerly suspicious purchases were removed as a result of improved inner controls and much more efficient information administration treatments.
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  • The Key Elements of Great

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    January 25, 2021 /  Software

    Why You Should be Using Artificial Intelligence Powered Proposal Software

    Leveraging the newest technologies to assist and improve management efforts is happening in businesses across the globe, among them being artificial intelligence powered solutions that you can read more on now! The artificial intelligence powered solutions or software are being preferred because they are capable of storing and processing huge amounts of data within a short time while providing sensible results which you will discover more on here! Apart from keeping abreast with the trends in the market, there are several amazing advantages that you should learn more about. For the benefits of AI-powered proposal software, click for more here.

    You should consider incorporating this AI-powered software in your business as way of speeding the decision-making process; since I is programmed to follow specific rules, the potential issues can be quickly identified and solved. You should consider using artificial intelligence powered proposal software as a way of promoting efficient intake and qualifying of opportunities; if you have been analyzing projects without artificial intelligence then you know how time-consuming it can be, and why it is not disadvantageous to the goals and objectives of your firm.

    By incorporating the artificial intelligence powered proposal software in your business, you are saying goodbye to blind bidding; you will only bid after analyzing the previous reports and being sure it is the right move. No employee loves spending hours on tedious, repetitive tasks which is probably why AI adoption is gaining popularity; if these tasks can be automated, the employees are freed to focus on different aspects of the job and saves a lot of precious time, resulting in improved individual and overall productivity.

    In as much as you have gained a lot of benefits and results with the software you are using, you should think about incorporating AI-powered software if boosting accuracy is one of your objectives; it will always refer to the previous projects whereas a person might only go back to one project. Thanks to the AI-powered proposal software, what you put forward will have taken into account all the potential risks and their impacts based on how similar changes have impacted previous projects.

    Artificial intelligence powered proposal software is good because it gives you the opportunity to accomplish things you couldn’t before; when you have more time to reflect, you are capable of providing more organizational value. Finally, it aids in the creation of winning proposals; when you put more time and energy in the creation of proposals, there is a high chance of winning. These are some of the amazing benefits you can expect from incorporating artificial intelligence powered proposal software in your business.

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  • Google releases Chrome 28 with Blink browser engine

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    Google on Tuesday released Chrome 28, the first polished version of the browser to use the company’s home-grown “Blink” rendering engine. On Windows, the upgrade also sported Google’s new notification service that lets developers of Chrome apps and add-ons display messages and alerts outside the browser window.

    The upgrade was the first since May 21, when Google shipped Chrome 27 and touted some minor performance improvements.

    [ Also on InfoWorld: Bug bounty programs provide strong value for Google, Mozilla. | Get your websites up to speed with HTML5 today using the techniques in InfoWorld’s HTML5 Deep DivePDF how-to report. | Learn how to secure your Web browsers in InfoWorld’s “Web Browser Security Deep Dive” PDF guide. ]

    Google announced in April that it was dropping the open-source WebKit browser engine — at the time also used only by Apple’s Safari — and was instead launching Blink, a WebKit variant, to power Chrome. Since then, Opera Software’s Opera has also adopted WebKit as an interim step before it eventually moves to Blink.

    Google cited difficulties in adapting WebKit to Chrome, and in the first weeks after the announcement, stripped copious amounts of unnecessary-for-Chrome code from the fork that became Blink. Previously, only the rougher “Dev” and “Beta” builds of Chrome relied on the Blink engine. Users can verify that Blink is present by typing chrome://version/ in the Chrome address-search bar, dubbed the “Omnibox.”

    Also included in Chrome 28 is new support for more sophisticated notifications that appear outside the browser pane and display even when the browser’s not running. “Packaged apps” — ber-Web apps that look and behave like “native” code written specifically for the underlying OS — and add-ons can push brief messages and alerts to Chrome users after their developers have enabled the feature.

    Only the Windows version of Chrome 28 currently supports these next-generation notifications, but Google promised that the feature would soon make its way to OS X and Linux. On a Mac, Chrome notifications are not integrated with OS X Mountain Lion’s Notification Center.

    Along with the debut of Blink and notifications, Chrome 28 contained patches for 15 security vulnerabilities, one of them rated “critical,” Google’s most serious threat ranking. According to Google’s terse security advisory, that flaw was a memory management bug — dubbed a “use-after-free” vulnerability — in the browser’s network sockets code.

    But while Colin Payne, who reported the bug, received an impressive reward of $6,267.40, another researcher was handed triple that. Andrey Labunets was paid a record $21,500 for filing several vulnerability reports, including two in the Google synchronization service and an unknown number of others that Google said were “…since-fixed server-side bugs.”

    That last phrase and the amount paid were clues that Labunets discovered one or more flaws in a core Google service. In April, Google boosted bounties for vulnerability reports in its core websites, services and online apps, resetting the top reward to $20,000 for remote code executable bugs, those that attackers could use to slip malicious code onto a server or into an app or site.

    Labunets is no stranger to large bug bounties. Earlier this year, after reporting a string of weaknesses in Facebook’s authentication protocol, Labunets was awarded $9,500 by the social networking giant.

    Altogether, Google this week paid bounties totaling $34,901 to six researchers, including Payne and Labunets, for reporting eight different bugs. Through Tuesday, the Mountain View, Calif., company has awarded nearly $250,000 thus far this year in bounties or hacking contest prizes.

    Users can download Chrome 28 from Google’s website. Active users can simply let the automatic updater retrieve the new version.

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  • Questions About You Must Know the Answers To

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    January 22, 2021 /  Software

    Qualities of a Great Interface Control Document

    An interface control document is critical especially when it comes to recording interface information like drawings, tables and diagrams for specific projects. Different people around you can give you recommendations of software you can trust when it comes to interface control documents. Checking the reviews of the interface control document software is critical to know what people experienced when using similar software.

    People have different expectations when purchasing an interface control document template and they want to know what requirements they should go for. Learning how the interface control document template works is critical so you can check whether the features will be effective when managing your project. Knowing how to manage the project makes it easy for you to decide on the best requirements management software and you can talk to the developers to know what upgrades are needed.

    7 so you can discuss with them anytime you want to learn about different features or maintain the software. The role of the template is to ensure the engineer can describe the interface to a system or subsystems successfully which is why they should be careful during the selection process. People get to identify an interface control document template that allows them to access the Information about data, format and size.

    When choosing the interface control document template, identify one that allows you to use different functions and services effortlessly. People have different views when it comes to purchasing interface control document software which is why they make comparisons especially when it comes to their costs. Different departments can use the software especially when it comes to communicating information through a subsystem interface so they can talk more about the project and organize themselves efficiently.

    Having an interface management program is beneficial especially for your business because you can see exactly what is happening in real time and you can control the interfaces. You might not need all the features from the software which is why developers come up with different structures and packages for different clients. Before buying the user interface control document you have to speak to different people in the industry to see what they are recommending plus all processes will be interlinked which will be helpful during their management.

    7 through the software so they can brainstorm about how the project will be managed and finished.