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    After a long awaited, Google finally released the latest Android operating system version 4.3, which still carries the code name Jelly Bean, Wednesday (07/24/2013). Android 4.3 comes with several new features.

    As quoted from The Verge, Google adds multi-user settings in Android 4.3. It is useful to restrict the use and application of a profile feature.

    Director of Product Management at Android, Hugo Barra explained, parents can set their children can not open content not suitable for children.

    Additionally, Google adds Bluetooth Smart claimed could save battery consumption. Android 4.3 also supports OpenGL ES 3.0 that improves the quality of the graphics for gaming, including 3D.

    Starting today, Android 4.3 can be downloaded over-the-air by the users of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, LG Nexus 4, Nexus 7 Asus tablet is also the first generation and Samsung Nexus 10.

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  • May 8, 2021 /  Computer Technology, Hardware

    After a long awaited Google today announced a new version of the Android operating system 4.3, although still using the code name Jelly Bean. Not only that, I was told the new features embedded in the latest android.
    Reported by The Verge, the Android 4.3 is Google adds multi-user settings. It is useful to restrict the use and application of a profile feature.
    Meanwhile, Product Management Director of Android, Hugo Barra explained the new features useful to give a sense of security to parents in order to arrange for their children can not open content is not suitable for a child.
    Not only that, Google also added Smart Blurtooth that claimed to save battery usage. Android 4.3 also supports Open GL ES 3.0, which is able to increase the quality of the graphics for gaming, including 3D.
    Starting today, Android 4.3 can be downloaded over-the-air by the users of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, LG Nexus 4, Nexus 7 Asus tablet is also the first generation and Samsung Nexus 10.

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  • May 7, 2021 /  Computer Technology, Programming

    The OpenMP 4.0 API Specification is released with Significant New Standard Features

    The OpenMP 4.0 API supports the programming of accelerators, SIMD programming, and better optimization using thread affinity

    The OpenMP Consortium has released OpenMP API 4.0, a major upgrade of the OpenMP API standard language specifications. Besides several major enhancements, this release provides a new mechanism to describe regions of code where data and/or computation should be moved to another computing device.

    Bronis R. de Supinski, Chair of the OpenMP Language Committee, stated that “OpenMP 4.0 API is a major advance that adds two new forms of parallelism in the form of device constructs and SIMD constructs. It also includes several significant extensions for the loop-based and task-based forms of parallelism already supported in the OpenMP 3.1 API.

    The 4.0 specification is now available on the 

    Standard for parallel programming extends its reach

    With this release, the OpenMP API specifications, the de-facto standard for parallel programming on shared memory systems, continues to extend its reach beyond pure HPC to include DSPs, real time systems, and accelerators. The OpenMP API aims to provide high-level parallel language support for a wide range of applications, from automotive and aeronautics to biotech, automation, robotics and financial analysis.

    New features in the OpenMP 4.0 API include:

    · Support for accelerators. The OpenMP 4.0 API specification effort included significant participation by all the major vendors in order to support a wide variety of compute devices. OpenMP API provides mechanisms to describe regions of code where data and/or computation should be moved to another computing device. Several prototypes for the accelerator proposal have already been implemented.

    · SIMD constructs to vectorize both serial as well as parallelized loops. With the advent of SIMD units in all major processor chips, portable support for accessing them is essential. OpenMP 4.0 API provides mechanisms to describe when multiple iterations of the loop can be executed concurrently using SIMD instructions and to describe how to create versions of functions that can be invoked across SIMD lanes.

    · Error handling. OpenMP 4.0 API defines error handling capabilities to improve the resiliency and stability of OpenMP applications in the presence of system-level, runtime-level, and user-defined errors. Features to abort parallel OpenMP execution cleanly have been defined, based on conditional cancellation and user-defined cancellation points.

    · Thread affinity. OpenMP 4.0 API provides mechanisms to define where to execute OpenMP threads. Platform-specific data and algorithm-specific properties are separated, offering a deterministic behavior and simplicity in use. The advantages for the user are better locality, less false sharing and more memory bandwidth.

    · Tasking extensions. OpenMP 4.0 API provides several extensions to its task-based parallelism support. Tasks can be grouped to support deep task synchronization and task groups can be aborted to reflect completion of cooperative tasking activities such as search. Task-to-task synchronization is now supported through the specification of task dependency.

    · Support for Fortran 2003. The Fortran 2003 standard adds many modern computer language features. Having these features in the specification allows users to parallelize Fortran 2003 compliant programs. This includes interoperability of Fortran and C, which is one of the most popular features in Fortran 2003.

    · User-defined reductions. Previously, OpenMP API only supported reductions with base language operators and intrinsic procedures. With OpenMP 4.0 API, user-defined reductions are now also supported.

    · Sequentially consistent atomics. A clause has been added to allow a programmer to enforce sequential consistency when a specific storage location is accessed atomically.

    This represents collaborative work by many of the brightest in industry, research, and academia, building on the consensus of 26 members. We strive to deliver high-level parallelism that is portable across 3 widely-implemented common General Purpose languages, productive for HPC and consumers, and delivers highly competitive performance. I want to congratulate all the members for coming together to create such a momentous advancement in parallel programming, under such tight constraints and industry challenges.
    With this release, the OpenMP API will move immediately forward to the next release to bring even more usable parallelism to everyone.
     – Michael Wong, CEO OpenMP ARB.

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    JAKARTA – Toshiba continues to flood the market with the latest line of notebooks. Unmitigated, the Japanese manufacturer is introducing six champion as well as to the Indonesian market.
    Toshiba seems to deliberately give broad options to consumers on the need for a portable PC. Six new hero is introduced, among others, Z10t Portege, Qosmio X70, S40 Satellite, Satellite P50, Satellite C40, and Satellite L40.
    “Purity, Metal, Functional Elegance, Intuition, and Technology. Those are some basic designs that we apply to our newest line of laptops,” said Gregory Beh, Product Specialist, PC Product Marketing, Computer Systems Division, Toshiba Singapore, in Introducing New Toshiba Notebook PC’s Line Up, in Jakarta, Thursday (07/04/2013).
    He added that the six portable PC is Toshiba’s line up of products that are available in the market this month. “This year we are still concentrating on notebooks,” said Beh.

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  • May 6, 2021 /  Computer Technology, Software

    Supply chain management software maker E2open Inc (EOPN.O) expects its revenue to hit $100 million for the first time next fiscal year, after replacing its dependence on BlackBerry Ltd (BB.TO) and PC makers with a host of new customers.

    Chief Executive Mark Woodward said he expected E2open, which went public a year ago, to boost its sales in the 12 months to February 2015 after adding up to 20 new enterprise customers in the current fiscal year.

    “We do $80 million (in revenue) this year and we grow 30 percent next year. That should get us there,” Woodward said in an interview, referring to the $100-million revenue target.

    E2open, which makes cloud-based software designed to assist companies in managing their supply chains, has more than doubled its annual revenue in the five years since Woodward took charge. Revenue in the fiscal year to February 28, 2013, was $75 million.

    The company’s shares have risen about 35 percent since they began trading on the Nasdaq on July 26 last year.

    Three of the six analysts covering E2open have a “strong buy” rating on the stock. The other three rate it “buy”, according to Thomson Reuters data. The company has a market capitalization of $460 million.

    With a customer base that includes Coca-Cola Co (KO.N), Unilever Plc (ULVR.L), IBM (IBM.N) and Cisco Systems Inc (CSCO.O), E2open has been diversifying to cut its dependence on any one large customer.

    Last year, that customer was Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry (BBRY.O).

    Woodward said he expected BlackBerry’s contribution to E2open’s revenue to fall to less than 3 percent in the current fiscal year from nearly 15 percent last year.

    BlackBerry, which pioneered on-the-go email with its handsets and messaging systems, has slipped into tough times as it struggles to keep pace with nimbler rivals.

    Woodward said BlackBerry’s quarterly shipments of about 7 million units were between a quarter and a third of the volume contracted when it became a customer of E2open four years ago.

    “Their usage of our systems, just because they are selling less handsets, has come down dramatically,” said Woodward.

    E2open has, on average, signed up 17 enterprise customers in each of the last two years. In total, it has 76 enterprise customers – those which buy E2open’s software as well as pay for access to its network of suppliers and trading partners.

    Computer maker Dell Inc (DELL) brought in 22.5 percent of E2open’s revenue in fiscal 2011. Now, it accounts for less than 5 percent – even though its contribution in dollar terms has risen, Woodward said.

    “The original deal that we signed with Dell was for $3.2 million for three years,” he said. “The last bill we signed with Dell was for $3.2 million per year.”

    British mobile telephone company Vodafone Group Plc (VOD.L) (VOD.O) is the largest customer for Foster City, California-based E2open, having contributed 12.1 percent of the company’s revenue last fiscal year.

    Another customer, Seagate Technology LLC (STX.O), held a 9 percent stake in E2open as of December last year.

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    What to Know When Looking For Revenue Intelligence Software

    You have different options when choosing software and you can get revenue intelligent platforms so you can capture all your customer interactions through web conferencing emails and phone calls. It is easy to improve yourself when you have the right software in your company and you can get suggestions from multiple individuals. If you want to bring a new product or service into the market then there are multiple steps you have to follow to have a successful launch.

    Establishing a proper relationship with your customers is better because you will understand how it is different compared to broad market availability. Comparing federal revenue intelligent platforms is needed because they have different features that will impact your business. Maintaining a proper relationship with their founders of the platform is needed to check whether proper customer support is available. Finding a service provider that will guide you on how their revenue intelligent platform works is needed so you can properly implement it in your operations.

    People prefer setting up meetings with the service provider especially gong vs chorus because they get to understand how each platform will benefit them. Experience is important when it comes to revenue intelligent platforms and you need to have been in the technology industry for a long time to understand your needs and how to offer proper solutions. Reading testimonials from different people who have used their platforms is important because you get to understand whether they benefited from the features provided.

    If the service provider understands the challenges you face in your industry then it will be easy to include features that will streamline operations. Using the revenue intelligence software through gong vs chorus allows you to see how involved their customers are with your brand which is beneficial when making business decisions. Conversational intelligence is critical because it gets to capture all engagements from your customers because you get the contact of your customers to maintain proper communication.

    Tracking companies like gong vs chorus is important since you can identify how many hours they have received for services they offer or changes they influenced in the industry. You access the features by paying for them and having a budget is critical so you won’t spend a fortune on one service when you can have an entire package.

    You need revenue and conversational software and having a supporting team will improve sales with time. As a sales leader, you get to focus on important issues affecting your revenue through the software so you spend little time researching and look at how to boost all your processes.

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    What Are HCG Diet Regimen Decrease?

    Official HCG diet plan goes down is one more well known diet regimen supplement drop system that assures a quicker track to shed all that undesirable weight. This specific supplement system ships with a 45-days diet regimen program which guarantees to aid you match your weight gain goals without the need for excessive workout. In addition, this product also assists to boost your energy degree in addition to to boost the metabolic price of the body. Moreover, it assists in melting fat that is stored throughout the body. Therefore, if you are trying to find a fat burning nutritional supplement, after that this might be one for you. As part of the HCG diet decreases, there is the 2nd stage 2, which lasts for 2 weeks. During the second phase 2, you obtain a day-to-day supply of minerals and vitamins such as Vitamin C, B-complex, niacin, magnesium, and also beta carotene, every one of which support the body’s typical metabolic rate. In addition, this nutrient supply help in eradicating appetite and offers you the guarantee that the calorie diet plan program will still remain efficient also when you have taken in all the allowed calories during the day. The following stage in the HCG diet plan goes down package is concentrated on the removal of the poor fat or lipids. One of the key reasons why individuals gain weight is because of the reality that they have built up high amounts of poor fat or fats in their body. The essential body organs of the body are nourished with necessary fats which are found in fish oil and also dairy products. However, the fat in the body often tends to be saved in the type of cholesterol, which forms the harmful clogged up arteries as well as is responsible for high blood pressure, which enhances possibilities of cardiovascular disease and also stroke. Therefore, it is important to eliminate the bad fat from the body. One more way to shed fat swiftly is to execute cardiovascular exercises. These exercises can be executed at home utilizing resistance tools or at a fitness center utilizing cardio equipment. When you do these workouts, the vital point to remember is to keep enhancing the number of repeatings as well as collections. This is especially real when you first begin with the program. By enhancing the quantity of time you spend doing cardio exercises, you will be melting fat and also weight quicker than ever. It has been shown that the very best way to reduce weight is to take on a low-calorie, low-carb, low-fat and also low-stress lifestyle. This way of life is called the Atkins Diet. Many people have embraced this diet plan in order to eliminate the excess weight and also battle excessive weight. For the HCG Diet Decline, you do not require to take place a strict low-calorie, low-carb, low-fat as well as low-stress diet plan in order to reduce weight and also eliminate obesity. The key to this diet regimen is to cut out most carbs and eat even more healthy protein. On top of that, you have to enhance your everyday calorie consumption (not the total number of calories) by 500 calories per day. This does not imply you need to end up being a vegan. Rather it means that you need to take in many more calories than your body needs through regular activity. You are after that needed to burn this excess calories as rapidly as feasible by doing an intense exercise such as lifting weights. The enhanced calorie consumption need to aid you to burn off even more fat quickly than ever before.

    The Essentials of – Breaking Down the Basics

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    The Very Best Way to Utilize Kratom Powder

    As the popularity of kratom powder remains to grow, more customers are relying on it as a different treatment method. One reason kratom powder is ending up being so prominent is because it is made from totally all-natural active ingredients. Unlike other products that have to be synthesized or produced through chemical implies, kratom powder can be located in the purest kind possible. The fallen leaves of the atom tree are crushed as well as mixed with different natural herbs and also other substances. This mixture is after that shaped right into a powder as well as included in various forms of food or drink. Unlike many dietary supplements, kratom powder is generally absorbed pills. However, there are some people who choose to take the supplement in an oil tablet or tea type. The majority of people agree that it is best to make use of a powder type. By doing this, the fallen leave remains intact as well as does not damage down as it would if it were to be eaten in its entire type. This suggests that the plant’s active components are all preserved in the form in which they are intended for use. Kratom powder is made from the kratom leaves and stems as well as various other elements. One of the most typical component is the kratom leaves themselves, which are collected before the fallen leaves have actually even finished growing. Stored as well as pressed kratom leaves will certainly last for as much as six months before they have to be disposed of. The majority of producers will certainly crush and also keep the fallen leaves for this extremely factor. Kratom powder is likewise made by integrating the kratom leaves and also stems together and after that blending the components together. This combination is then formed into little bits and stirred completely before being loaded into small capsules. Because pills are really smooth, they do not break down throughout food digestion as fluids would. Capsules are then positioned in little cooled bottles, which are specifically designed for this objective. Allowing the pills to rest and also establish throughout a couple of months enables the kratom tea and kratom powder to develop their special buildings. Capsules are then taken at the very least when each day with a square meal or on its own. There are numerous different ways in which the kratom powder is made, but all include the kratom remove being combined with various other plant product. Some of the plant material utilized consists of milkweed, Reishi mushrooms, as well as other medical natural herbs. When the mixture is developed, it is generally entrusted to completely dry totally by itself. Small amounts of kratom remove might be included in the plant material to make the finished product, but this process ought to be carried out in moderation as the kratom extract can be quite solid in some people. There are lots of people that use kratom powder for discomfort administration and sometimes it has actually been found to help reduce stress without unwanted negative effects. Due to the fact that the kratom leaves can be quite solid, it is usually advised to not use kratom powder if you are expectant or bust feeding. Also, if you are taking into consideration making use of kratom powder, you ought to research every one of the appropriate information initially to make sure that you are obtaining a true, quality item. Keep in mind that while kratom powder may be a fantastic alternate to the a lot more conventional types of usage, it needs to be very carefully thought about when choosing to make use of kratom powder.

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    Sight Most Recent Messages on Your Luxury Blog Site to Obtain Contact Information as well as Get In Touch With Your Fans

    If you stay in business as well as intend to advertise your brand name and also provide your clients what they prefer, after that you require to think of utilizing a luxury blog. Deluxe blogging is an excellent means of keeping your consumers as much as day and also educating them about your services and products. It is additionally an amazing method to connect to brand-new consumers and bring in those with a social media history. This implies that those people on the other end of that Instagram photo of you and your youngsters may be prospective new twitter fans as well as Instagram fans. Let us check out a couple of reasons luxury blog writing is advantageous to you and also your company. One factor that high-end brand names utilize deluxe blogs is to produce a connection with their bloggers and impart a feeling of depend on. Several high-end brands have actually been understood to send out individual messages to their bloggers telling them exactly how pleased they are with the work they are doing. For a deluxe blog this could imply that you will receive a personal message from an author that can inform you just how pleased they are helping you. You might also receive a tweet or Facebook notice which speaks very regarding your relationship with the blog writer. All luxury brand names want to keep their bloggers as independent as possible as well as benefiting themselves. All communication must continue to be individually in between the deluxe brand and also the blog owner. One more reason to use deluxe blogging is to advertise social networks involvement. High-end blog writers have the chance to connect with their viewers and also build relationships. This is because luxury brands are utilizing these blog owners as the face of their brand and also wish to keep their brand name in front of their visitor. Consequently, the luxury brand name will certainly want to have the ability to engage with its viewers. So if you are a deluxe brand name and also want to involve with your visitors with social media, after that you should absolutely consider using a deluxe blog. Luxury blog writers likewise have the capability to engage with their audience and also fan base. In today’s culture, it is essential for us to be social. All of us interact with each other on Facebook, Twitter and through various other social media sites websites. By having the capacity to share thoughts with fans and fans via social networks sites, deluxe brand names are giving their audience an opportunity to engage with them on a recurring basis. In addition to keeping your viewers engaged each day, you additionally intend to provide a way to interact with you and also your company with Twitter and facebook. Both of these social media sites sites allow users to leave remarks and also share web content with their friends. If you are a luxury brand name, after that you might think about establishing a web page on both sites to make sure that you can connect with your consumers in a more one on one style. You can likewise post talk about write-ups that you have actually uploaded in order to reveal your fans how involved you are with them. You can additionally view the latest posts obtain contact information as well as also tweets regarding current sales promotions. High-end brand names that stop working to involve with their fans every day will soon see their sales diminishing. This is why it is essential for you to watch on what your fans and also followers are saying regarding your business as well as item. Bear in mind that individuals react favorably to news that is shared with them. It is essential that you take the time to react to posts as well as tweets from your fans as well as followers. This can aid you develop partnerships with those fans and also fans that will assist construct your service.

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    What to Try to find When Getting Made Use Of Flamable Storage Cupboards

    Are you seeking a used flammable storage space closet? What sort of cabinet are you looking for? You are not the only one! Many people today want to change up the appearance of their residence yet have no idea just how to deal with it. If you are wanting to alter the appearance of your residence, after that you may intend to take into consideration acquiring among numerous used combustible storage space cupboard choices that get on the market today. So, where do you locate a made use of combustible storage cabinet? The first place you may wish to attempt is “made use of things” or classified ads in the paper. The majority of paper classifieds contain an ad for made use of flammable storage cupboards and other large products. It’s also a good suggestion to inspect your neighborhood telephone directory under “shop rentals,” in addition to the regional paper, as well as see if they have a bulletin board dedicated to listing residences to buy or auctioned homes. This is a great place to find a great deal on an utilized closet or liquid storage system! As soon as you have situated some prospective utilized flammable storage space cabinet choices in your area, you ought to invest some time evaluating each one. Take note of the problem it remains in. Look for any kind of indicators of leakage, such as gurgling paint or distorted steel. You must additionally check the door lock and door springtimes if at all possible, as these are extremely vital safety attributes of any type of flammable liquid storage space cupboards that you acquisition. If you are able to find a couple of sensibly excellent utilized combustible cabinets in good shape, there’s another point you can do. Examine to ensure that there aren’t any kind of signs of damages to the flamable material itself. As an example, glass containers do not last for life if they’re broken or severely scratched. Some cupboards may have had their safety and security locks endangered somehow, as well as this means that any individual with the proper secret can enter your storage space systems and take your inventory. In addition, it’s not a good suggestion to purchase any type of utilized combustible storage space units that are inadequately developed, either. Likewise, see to it that the cupboard you’re thinking about hasn’t been set up yet. It’s simple for cupboards that haven’t been installed to leakage warm liquids onto your floor, which is definitely a threat if you’re storing combustible chemicals or fireworks. When possible, ask a specialist to find and do the installation, or at the very least provide you some assist so that you can do it yourself. The earlier you set up a new cabinet, the quicker you can put your mind comfortable regarding the threat of storing flamables in your cupboards. Finally, never acquire utilized cabinets just because they look great. You need to additionally question whether the cabinet you’re thinking about is really made of combustible product, or if it’s constructed from another material and also just resembles a closet. Lots of makers make cupboards that are designed to look like all kind of various products, consisting of wood and steel. If you get a closet like this, it may actually be filled with leaded gasoline, which would be incredibly dangerous.

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